Pasador FAQs


Pasador! It's the Filipino term for reusable menstrual cloth pads. Ask your mommas, lolas or titas, and they would probably know what it is. Originally, it would be a piece of cloth like katsa that would be clipped to the underwear. The clip used is the originator of the term, since it actually translates to pasador in spanish.


How do you wash them?

Just like regular clothing! It’s easier than you think.
    You can read more about it here.

          How do you use them when you’re out of the house?

          Use a wetbag or a waterproof pouch. We recommend you use one with two compartments. This way, you can put clean pads in one part, and used pads in the other. We also offer these in our store if you need them.🛍️

          Can teenagers use them?

          Absolutely! Best time to start when you’re young. A lot of older women are frustrated they didn’t have the chance or place to buy cloth pads when they were younger. A lot may have suffered allergies from disposables and there is always that lingering guilty feeling of throwing away so much trash and spending a lot of money on disposable napkins.

          How long can a pasador last?

          With proper use and care, they can last 3-5 years.

          How often do you change them?

          It all really depends on personal preference and flow. We would recommend you change as often as you would with a similar disposable pad. A good amount of time would be: every 4-6 hours for regular pads and 6-12 hours for overnights.

          Where do you source your pasadors?

          We are currently partnering with our local community sastres (tailors) in La Carlota, Negros Occidental, to make them for us. Every pasador you buy not only supports our business, but also their livelihood. ♥️

          How much do they cost?

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          Item Type
          Retail Price per Piece Per set of 7pcs (pantyliners) or set of 5pcs (for pads)
          7" Cotton Pantyliners  90 595
          8.5" Cotton Pantyliners 100 665
          8.5" Light Flow Cotton Pad 120 575
          10" Medium Flow Cotton Pad  145 700
          12.5" Heavy/Overnight Flow Cotton Pad 195


          10" Medium Flow Doña Pad 


          12.5" Heavy/Overnight Flow Doña Pad 


          Double Compartment Pasador Pouch 195


          Pasador Wrapper 55  -

            What are the benefits of using a pasador?

              • They're an eco-conscious option for those who are hoping to go zero–waste🌏
                • Women have shared their experiences of reduced menstrual cramps, infections and skin rashes
                  • It may be quite an investment at first, but its definitely worth it as you save more money in the years to come. Reusable pads can last you 3-5 years!
                    • They’re perfectly sanitary as long as you wash and care for them properly.
                      • Leak-proof and easy to clean
                          • They come in the cutest designs! Periods become much more fun as you get to choose new pads each day.
                            • They’re pretty empowering! You get to know your body and your cycle like never before ❤