Make your own Pasador Workshop

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We are an enterprise that believes that small acts and grassroots initiatives can make ripples of change.


Free DIY Pasador Workshops

The practice of crafting your own pasador used to be a tradition our grandmothers had. It was knowledge that was passed down from the older women of the community to the younger ones. It even became part of schools’ home economics curriculum at one point. 

When disposables became more popular, pasador crafting was slowly forgotten. We wanted to revive this tradition for our generation. It’s an experience the youth can’t really get anywhere else, and we’re more than happy to initiate its comeback.


We created this workshop to empower women to hand craft their first pad, just like how grandmothers used to! It's perfect for those who are interested to start using pasadors (but aren't ready to make a full commitment to them yet) and just need a little more encouragement to begin.

Best thing is, these workshops are given for free! Open to all organizations, schools and events based in Negros Island who want to kick-start their zero-waste/wala-usik journey by making their own reusable cloth pads. Interested to have one in your locality? Simply answer a few questions in this google form below: