Our Advocacies

We are employing and empowering women through the pasador. We believe that part of the #periodrevolution involves being kind to yourself and to the planet.

The practice of wala-usik (the Hiligaynon term for zero-waste) is at the core of what we do. It’s not about a perfectionist zero-waste practice. We mean amat-amat lang - that’s the Visayan, slow living lifestyle which is about understanding the effects of our everyday choices.

Small steps are important. We must make our small steps count towards big leaps. Focus on the wins and happily gain experience from the losses. While the switch to reusables can be quite a pain and take time, there is definitely growth in this journey to a more earth-conscious lifestyle. For what is it worth in the end? That the future generations will learn from our mistakes and learn respect for our living planet.