Our Projects

A portion of our sales goes into projects for our causes and advocacies. We are an enterprise that believes that small acts and grassroots initiatives can make ripples of change.


Pasador Donation

A program that aims to provide menstrual alternatives accessible to girls and women in need. It also aims to sponsor pads for deserving people who are working to protect the planet. The program also includes a menstrual education session for every batch of recipients. This is part of our mission to break menstrual taboos and spread awareness on alternative menstrual products.

For our first batch, we donated pasador kits to Bacolod Girls Home. 

Our second batch, we sponsored pasador kits for scholars of the Danjugan Island: Go Deeper Camp.

For our third batch, we are currently in communication with another local shelter for young women.


Free DIY Pasador Workshops

We created this workshop to empower women to hand craft their first pad, just like how grandmothers used to! It's perfect for those who are interested to start using pasadors (but aren't ready to make a full commitment to them yet) and just need a little more encouragement to begin. Best thing is, these workshops are given for free! Open to all organizations, schools and events based in Negros Island who want to kick-start their zero-waste/wala-usik journey by making their own reusable cloth pads. Interested to have one in your locality? Simply answer a few questions in this google form below: 




We currently have a pilot batch of local scholars who we'll be working with for projects that involve protecting our planet, making the scholarship not just about grades and academic performance. Our local community is currently not aware of the zero-waste/wala-usik movement and we hope to create something with our scholars to forward community initiatives. 


Wala Usik Advocacy

Wala-usik is the Hiligaynon term for zero-waste. We are part of a local network of imaginals envisioning a more sustainable Negros island.

We regularly post content to inspire people to try to simple zero-waste/wala-usik practices in their life. We also share stories of other people who try to live with less impact on the planet. We are regularly invited to school, organizations and events to talk about how we practice wala-usik and how it's possible to others to do it in their lives too.


#PeriodRevolution #PeriodPositive Advocacy

A lot of our enterprise’s social media content is about empowering women. Whether it’s through a funny meme about period pains or a photo of our sisters holding their pasadors proudly. These reawaken the divine feminine in each of us.

Our periods have long been used against us. To shame us, to silence us, to control us. It’s time we put a stop to this & take back our power. Periods are a gift and our bodies are sacred. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Recently, we’ve been using our DIY Pasador workshop as an avenue and a way to heal women’s bodies. During the workshop, we take the time to set intentions of healing and empowerment.