Reseller FAQ

Thanks for taking interest in becoming a Ka Nami Pasador Reseller.

Make it a habit to read before asking questions, if you want to become a reseller. You are also required to fill up this form.

Why resell Ka Nami Pasador products?

Ka Nami Pasador is an advocacy enterprise for locally produced zero-waste products. Being a Ka Nami Pasador Reseller means you will effectively be contributing to reduce plastic pollution from single-use menstrual products.

Who may resell Ka Nami Pasador products?

Anybody can be a reseller. However, we highly recommend that resellers have personal experience with using reusable menstrual products.

For detailed product information, click here. We recommend this so that resellers can have a better understanding of our products and be able to answer possible questions from their future clients. The more people use and understand our products, the more our advocacy is being spread.

How to resell Ka Nami Pasador products?

You can resell to your friends, family, schoolmates, or office mates. You can sell in bazaars, social media or even in your own website or blog.

Do you offer wholesale prices for resellers?

Yes. The minimum purchase is 25 pieces per item type to get the wholesale price. We also include free shipping. Clicking the item will also redirect you to the individual product pages.

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Item Type
Wholesale Total Price (for minimum of 25 pieces each)
7" Pantyliners 1750
8.5" Pantyliners 2125
8.5" Light Flow Pad 2500
10' Medium Flow Pad 3000
12.5" Heavy/Overnight Flow Pad 4375

How do you avail of wholesale prices?

Wholesale prices are automatic upon checking out at least 25 pieces of an item. You can avail of the free shipping by selecting the wholesale option when prompted for shipping method. For more information on how to order, you may read our How to Order Guide here.

Can resellers rebrand your products?

No, we do not allow resellers to rebrand our products. Violators will be banned from our shop. However, we allow resellers to sell our products without a brand.

Can resellers use photos on your website/Facebook page/Instagram?

Yes. You can use and share all of our photos, including our advocacy posts and photo ops. This will help you establish that you also carry the zero-waste advocacy thru the Ka Nami brand.

How can we improve our sales as resellers?

Make sure that you read up and understand our advocacy. Also, make sure that you filled up this form.  You may directly contact us for marketing advice, and our team will do their best to answer your queries. We also recommend that you allow us to feature you or your shop in our marketing channels so we can redirect potential clients to you.