Wash & Care Instructions

Here’s a few things you need to know to get you started

  • Prewash before use. 

  • Hand wash is recommended; machine wash may shorten product lifespan.
  • Your pads can last between 3-5 years, depending on use and care. 

    Hand Wash Instructions

    • Run pad under cold tap water and keep rinsing away the blood.
    • When the water turns clear, use mild laundry detergent to scrub it clean.
    • Do not use a brush, simply rub the fabric against itself.
    • You may also soak the pads for 30mins to 2 hours
    • Rinse all the detergent off with water.
    • Roll the pads and squeeze excess water out.
    • Sun or air dry on the clothesline.

      Machine Wash Instructions

      • Run pad under cold tap water to rinse off most of the blood first.
      • You may then place in washing machine (you may also wash along with other clothes) and run a regular wash cycle.
      • Spin or tumble dry.


      • You may use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of stubborn stains.
      • Do not excessively wring out the pads after rinsing, this may damage the stitching and waterproofing layer
      • Do not use fabric conditioner nor bleach
      • Never iron your pads
      • Pads and liners must be completely dried before storage to avoid mold and bacterial growth.
      • If molds cannot be removed with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar, immediately discontinue use and dispose of the pads or liners.
      • You may also contact us for upcycling or repurposing ideas!


      Ka Nami Pasador does not take responsibility for incorrect use, washing, and care of the products. Please follow the washing instructions properly to prolong the lifespan of your pads and reduce your eco-footprint.